International Leadership Training and Internship Program


The International Leadership Training and Internship Program will be conducted in three regions – Australia, Europe and USA

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Graduation will be upon completion of all three segments.  It is recommended that the program be completed in the same year, but segments may be undertaken separately if time and financial restraints prevent that.  For example students may choose to complete Australia and Europe or USA in one year and complete the remaining segment the following year.  Or participate in one segment each year over a 3 year period.  




Our 6 week program in Sydney will provide a wide range of experiences.  The leadership training will include sharing the principles and practices of children and prayer which we have learned over the past 20 years since the Children’s Prayer Network began here in 1995.  There will be specialist guest speakers covering various related topics, e.g. worship with children, working with pre-schoolers, working with Aboriginal children, and more.  There will be opportunity to work with children in church and in the prayer group situation, and at the end of the 6 weeks before participants head to Perth we will run a children’s prayer event together.  The time will provide a House of Prayer experience through our partnership with Sydney House of Prayer and we’ll make sure there’s time to see and enjoy the fun side of beautiful Sydney.  Please come and join the revolution in Sydney!




Perth is a beautiful city set on the banks of the Swan River and close to lovely beaches. It’s a unique place as the world’s most geographically isolated city – literally one of the corners of the world! There are many prayer networks across the city, but more recently children have been gathering to worship and pray together, to hear what is on our loving Heavenly Father’s heart for our city, Australia and the nations of the world. God is on the move here in exciting ways.

The leadership training in Perth will be based out of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and College. This is a large church which has a heartbeat to be connected to other churches and ministries across the city, nationally and globally. The church has set out on a journey to be an intentionally inter-generational community where children are encouraged to take their rightful place in the life of the church. Working with the Children and Families Pastor and her team, there will be opportunity to be involved in the many aspects of ministry to children and families that operate out of the church. There will also be some specialist input from our college lecturers on prayer and the place of children in revivals around the world.

There will be connection with people who are involved in various prayer ministries across the city. In particular there will be specialist input from the international mission organization Christ For All Children who we partner with to send teams which include children on mission trips.

During the time in Perth, there will be plenty of variety and learning opportunities, but perhaps the highlight will be the chance to observe and participate with a children’s citywide prayer movement which is still in the relatively early stages of development. This will provide an opportunity to learn firsthand how to get started in gathering children to pray and wait on God. Participants will be involved in the planning and running of a Perth Children’s Prayer event whilst here.

We are very much looking forward to hosting Yes! Revolution in Perth!






 The weeks in Scotland will mostly have a practical training emphasis.

 Our prayer and aim overall is that participants will receive a spiritual impartation that will enable them to see the next generation released into their destiny in God. There will be personal support in this journey and there will be opportunity to experience Spirit filled ministry among children and young people.

 The program will include:

 1) Discovering together things that are on God's heart for our children and young people.

2) Participation in youth and children's worship and prayer. Connecting with different ministries and churches which promote prayer and carry the values of children encountering God that we are seeking to impart throughout this course.

3) Outreach in and around Glasgow and beyond.

4) Being part of the vision of FireStarters. We aspire to be 'A Generation Set on Fire for Jesus to be Sparks of Revival'! Monthly weekends through the academic year give Scottish young people an opportunity to encounter God and together, explore and experience living as followers of Jesus and sharing His love with others. Interns will be involved with praying, preparing and leading on the FireStarters weekend.

 Be ready for a few adventures. Come to experience great things in God, have loads of fun with us, and enjoy the beauty of this amazing land .




Our program will be based out of a deep spiritual well here in the UK so we're trusting the Oxford experience will be both a significant time for learning and prophetically inspiring. 

During the program we will include visits around the nation to connect with several modern day revivalists called to family and children.  We will be incorporating experiences at both a local and national level culminating with an international focus around mobilising and helping children pray for children at risk. 

 At a local level this will include participating in smaller local community groups worshipping and praying with children.  At a national level this will involve visits to spend time with key practitioners and teachers called to be Kingdom builders in a multi generational way.  At an international level we will be working out of an Oxford based charity called Viva who work to build strategic networks on behalf of children at risk globally.

Viva have facilitated a world weekend of prayer annually on the first weekend in June which will coincide with the final days of the program.  We will be partnering with Viva throughout the month to organise and facilitate a children's prayer event on that final weekend.

 We can't wait to see what this will look like in reality!  Come!  Join the revolution and help us shape what this look like out of Oxford!   



The 6 week USA experience will be based at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Hilliard, Ohio, working alongside their Family, Children and Youth Pastor.  The local area has a large refugee population and there will be interaction with children and families especially through the summer free lunch program.  Also, through partnership with an ethnic church, there will be opportunity to conduct prayer training with the children and their families.

After spending time learning some of the different models of children’s prayer ministry that are in practice globally, there will be opportunity to apply what has been learned at local ministries in the Columbus area.  In addition we will travel to join the leadership of a week long children’s prayer camp organised by another ministry in another region of Ohio.

The program will also include a week attending a pastoral care school based in New York State.

We are looking forward to hosting you in Ohio which is known as the heartbeat of America.  Come and let’s experience God’s heartbeat for the nations together.


Applicant Criteria


Applicants will be asked to provide a background check from their country of residence as well as references/letters of recommendationfrom reputable leaders who are approved by the global partnership team of Yes! Revolution.  Applicants need to exhibit a genuine heart and passion for mentoring and discipling children and young people.  They should present as humble, teachable, enthusiastic and caring, willing to learn and to serve.

 The Yes! Revolution partnership team reserves the right to refuse any applicant who may not appear suitable for any reason, or if more applications are received than can be accommodated in the program.